Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fredo Viola - Rain or Shine (and beyond)

Featuring this cyberfriend of mine on his birthday. We met, as with Louise, via the Curve Ball community, a gathering for music that is varied and generally melodic, sophisticated, and otherwise description-defying. A featured artist on the show as well as a listener, Viola has rather a couple of websites showcasing his works. Of late, he has taken to exploring the realms and reaches of a cappella music and similar vocal exercises, including an exquisite, dark psychedelic venture that I unfortunately cannot find at this moment, and this rather lighter affair on Bandcamp, which induces mad meridian at certain junctions via headphones. Mmm, close-up a cappella. I may need to investigate that genre further.

More of Viola's works available for listening and viewing via The Turn and Fredo Viola. Enjoy!