Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jason Crest - Black Mass

As long as I'm posting songs that I actually uploaded, the season is exactly right for this record. Absolutely nothing else Jason Crest ever did sounded remotely like this. In fact, absolutely nothing else anybody has done sounds like this.

Happy Halloween.

Joni Mitchell - Trouble Child → Twisted

I just discovered that I had actually uploaded this to the 'Tube about three years ago (almost to the day) and left it unlisted. Timeless classic, as with all of Court & Spark.

Sending this one out to Amber.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Steve Goodman - Election Year Rag

"The loser is always us."

An outtake from the late, great, Chicago-based singer-songwriter best known for penning "City of New Orleans". I have a low-digital-fidelity recording of him performing the song solo on XRT — something I forgot I had until today, when, in the midst of the stormy political climate around me, the above lyric surfaced from whichever crevice of my mind it was inhabiting. Turns out it extends beyond that every fourth year.....