Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Perry Leopold - Vespers

This is the closing track from "Christian Lucifer", an album recorded circa 1973 but not released until more recently, and an absolute masterpiece that defines "acid folk". I believe I discovered the album thanks to the old Lost~in~Tyme, back when that site was hosted here on Blogger. I couldn't resist a name like that, especially coupled with the "acid folk" descriptor. It is thanks to them that I have since pursued and gained ownership of a physical copy of the album, and it seems to be one of the few albums on the shelf that I actually play somewhat regularly — ever returning to these intricate yet meditative audioscapes. This actually belongs in one of my "Favorite Albums" lists on the main blog; I just looked, and it's a most glaring omission.

The compact disc package features lyrics:

"You walk on the lake
By the river of the See
Eye love you...."

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